Cashew nuts & Butter

Our Cashews are grown in the Kenyan coastal strip next to the world renowned game reserves of Tsavo East and West.Cashew nuts have long shelf life, versatility and tremendous health benefits, which make them highly sort after. It's a no cholestrol nut which has a great taste! No wonder we are nuts... by choice!!


Bulk Products

  • Raw cashew nuts.
  • Dry Roasted and Salted cashew nuts.
  • Dry Roasted and Unsalted cashew nuts.
  • Dry Roasted and Honey coated cashew nuts..

(We use the best Kenyan Highland honey which is in it self a great experience.)



International grading.



  • Vacuum packed & nitrogen flushed in Aluminium foil
  • Unit weight: 11.34 kgs ()25 lbs


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Cashew Products

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Retail Packets

  • Retail Packets
  • 250g Roasted and Salted
  • 250g Honey Coated
  • Macadamia & Cashew mixed nuts.
  • Customer can specify package.

Cashew Butter

Our well blend cashew butter is 100% natural. It is delicious and easy to spread.

Organic cashew butter is smooth and creamy and ideal for creating non-dairy milks, creams, smoothies, ice-creams and sauces. It is produced by grinding organic cashews until a smooth paste is formed.  

Also great for thickening sauces and curries. It is typically a little runnier than blanched almond paste and readily combines with other ingredients in any recipe. Cashew butter is also great for use in baking as it imparts a mild and buttery flavor to compliment any recipe, and gives a chewy texture to cookies.  

Also excellent to create fillings for homemade chocolates. 


Consumer Feedback

Jungle Cashew is a great, crunchy and nutritious snack.

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