Grafted Macadamia trees

Macadamia is rapidly becoming the leading Kenyan money maker crop but in order to make money from it you need to have your farming methods right. Grafted macadamia are becoming  more popular due to their fast growth rate and increased production. Macadamias are particularly difficult to graft and it was not until the mid-twentieth century that Queensland farmer, Norman Greber, after many failed attempts, successfully grafted M.integrifolia using a simple side graft.

Macadamia 2015 season kicks off

March 2015 is here and it comes with good tidings to all macadamia farmers. The season is ripe and so are the macadamias in the fields and we Jungle Nuts are here to ensure that the farmers get the best returns for their labour and patience.

With our Jungle E-Buy system, the macadamia are weighed by a computerised digital system, generating a receipt for the farmer and payments sent directly to the farmers M-Pesa account from our main offices in Thika.

New fleet of motorbikes to easen access to farmers

We have acquired a new fleet of 100 motorbikes to help our field officers have an easier time in accessing farmers in remote areas.

This is in line with our motto which has efficiency as one of our key values.

Jungle Nuts receive KAM Award

KAM - Most Promising SME Award

Jungle Nuts Ltd has received KAM special recognition award as the most promising SME company.

This was as a result of the initiative of connecting 20,000 farmers through our e-buy procurement system which has gained favour with the farmers as they are able to sell their nuts to us without the intervention of the brokers giving them prompt and better returns.

Jungle Foundation Officially Launched

Jungle Foundation, a division of Jungle Holdings involved in CSR activities of the latter was officially launched today. In a colorful ceremony attended by various political and administrative leaders from Kiambu county, different projects that have been completed courtesy of Jungle Foundation were launched.

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