Jungle Nuts M-Shamba is an integrated system of growers produce purchase, payment and delivery, bridging the gap between the grower and the processor, thus ensuring money reaches the intended grower securely and in a timely manner. Payment is done real time using M-Pesa portal. 


The growers have been upbeat about the system for good reasons:

  • The electronic scale cannot be manipulated, thus growers get their correct weight of produce
  • A receipt is printed real time. The grower has a record of his sales. Moreover, the grower can get a statement which would enable him to apply for a loan from any bank in the country
  • Payment is done real time via M-Pesa. This translates to enhanced security of growers earnings. This also discourages unplanned expenditure.
  • Most important, provided the grower weighed his/her produce and got a receipt, he is automatically scheduled for BONUS payment every June End and December End

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Farmers Feedback

We can now sell our macadamia to Jungle Nuts without worries of being paid poorly by middle men.

Kamau Kariuki - From Kirinyaga



M-Shamba has enabled growers to immensely improve their earnings (approx. 50% more) devoid of middlemen. They have also improved their quality tremendously as they now directly deal with Jungle Nut buyer and feedback is immediate.We have directly connected more than 20,000 farmers and still growing…….!!

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