Organic & Fair Trade

Jungle Macs Limited has committed to contribute to community development through its operations by adopting organic and fair trade policy. In line with this, the company has decided to work with Jungle Foundation so as to have a special focus for corporate social responsibility activities. It has also committed to have its operations certified for organic and fair trade and will strive to achieve the following:

  • Set up a quality management system that will ensure production and processing of high quality macadamia nuts, cashew and coffee. This also includes other by products such as oil and charcoal
  • Ensuring there is proper governance from the farmers/farmer groups to employees.
  • Committing to respect human rights across all its operations
  • Ensure that the work relations and conditions give workers ambient environment to work
  • Respect and foster environmental conservation practices within the processing facility and production sites
  • Commit to good business practices and partnerships
  • Ensures that consumers concerns are catered for and that they are served with high quality products
  • Commit to society development in the areas that the company is operating.

Structure Of Organic And Fair Trade Project

The operation of Jungle Macs Ltd is distributed in 7 Counties: Kiambu, Muranga, Nyeri, Kirinyaga, Embu, Meru and Taita. When the project started, farmers were recruited from the whole County and were operating as individual farmers with no organization.

The company has organized several consultative meetings with the famers including trainings, awareness meetings and planning meetings. Through the meetings, the farmers have expressed the need to have formal organization with a strong linkage with the company. This will enhance a strong relationship between the company and the farmers and ensure participation of farmers in quality management at the community level.

Though the company relates with its farmers in a contract production way, the farmers under organic and fair trade programme have been clustered into 28 clusters as per the Counties. Further, in each County the farmers are grouped as per their locality and as a way of getting the issues emanating from their localities, which can be supported by Jungle foundation.

In each of the 28 clusters, representatives have been elected by the farmers to work together with Jungle Foundation implementation of fair trade development activities. This arrangement is part of the plan that Jungle Macs Ltd has established to develop the farmers into independent groupings in the future. 


In the year 2014, the village clusters will be developed and a representative elected from each cluster. This representative will act as the spokes person of the cluster and present the community issues and priorities for consideration during the distribution of development fund. In 2015, the clusters will be formalized as groups and officials elected in each of the cluster. They will also adopt a name for the cluster to refer to a group. Jungle Macs Limited will facilitate the group to organize meetings so as to elect the committee members. In 2016, the groups will be formally registered as community groups/selfhelp groups or CBO’s. The company will facilitate their registration.

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